For the above-mentioned activities, the company possesses relevant quality certification and Italian SOA certification relating to the following categories and classifications:

CAT. OG1     5th classification
CAT. OG3     4th classification
CAT. 0G6     5th classification
CAT. OG7     2nd classification
CAT. OG8     1st classification
CAT. OG10     3rd classification
CAT. OG11    3rd classification
CAT. OG13    2nd  classification
CAT. OS7    2nd classification
CAT. OS21     3rd classification
CAT. OS22     3rd classification
CAT. OS24    2nd classification
CAT. OS33    2nd classification

Furthermore, the company can provide a complete technical service, relying on its in-house technical staff as well as successful outside professionals, having established with them long-lasting business relationships, in many cases for over a decade, and for this reason the company can offer:

  • Feasibility studies and cost assessments;

  • Topographic surveys and cartographic rendering;

  • Primary and final design.

The organisational chart described herein also concerns the internal workings of the company, making it highly competitive in its field. In fact, the company can rely on internal resources throughout all the designing and building stages: preliminary study of technical issues, cost assessment, defining the best planning solution with the optimum cost-benefit ratio and implementing works with its own means and skills, in close connection with contracting authorities and entities.