Company profile

Company profile – General outline

The company mainly deals with civil engineering works in the following areas:

  • Hydraulic engineering works for rivers, lakes, dams, etc.;
  • Aqueducts and sewage systems;
  • Methane gas pipelines;
  • Urbanisation, street furniture, works of public green including electrification works, etc.;
  • Excavations and earthmoving works;
  • Roads, highways including reinforced concrete viaducts and structures;
  • Special foundations, piles and micropiles;
  • Land and reinforced concrete consolidation works;
  • General land reclamation works, surface and deep drainage;
  • Environmental land reclamation and other environmental works;
  • Building of water treatment plants;Building of water lifting systems;
  • Building of industrial plants;
  • Building of housing projects and general construction works;
  • Restoration and consolidation works of extant buildings;
  • Maritime works;
  • Environmental engineering works;